Plot Size 5 Marla

SectorStreetPlot NoPriceDetailIDMore Detail
B12811H_ 11I48,00,000Possession Area
FRoad 33533,00,000Development Start BOULEVARD paid
H72344,00,000Possession Area, Ready To Build House
H156245,00,000back open Possession Area
H141444,00,000Back open Possession Area
NROAD 21342,50,000Possession Area, Ready To Build House
N93540,00,000Develop plot
N26b7_837,50,000Development Start
N81542,00,000Possession Area
O232033,00,000Development Start

Plot Size 8 Marla

SectorStreetPlot NoPriceDetailIDMore Detail
B11/1560,00,000Possession Area, Ready To Build House
G51668,00,000Possession Area, Ready To Build House
GROAD 21770,00,000Possession Area, BOULEVARD
jROAD 551_5243,00,000Development Start BOULEVARD
N49752,00,000Near To Possession
N421047,00,000Development Start open faram
N351347,00,000Development Start
O261543,00,000Non Develop
O28745,00,000Development Start

Plot Size 10 Marla

SectorStreetPlot NoPriceDetailIDMore Detail
A21 A1783,00,000Non Develop plot
A15g2100,00,000Possession Area, Map Possession Paid
A23/272j120,00,000Corner + park face paid Possession Area
B1131985,00,000Possession Area, Ready To Build House
C1112585,00,000Possession Area, Ready To Build House
C1141297,00,000Possession Area, Ready To Build House
C1122586,00,000Possession Area, Ready To Build House
C1121485,00,000Possession Area,
G121462,00,000Possession Area, Ready To Build House
G13965,00,000Possession Area
NRoad 139R68,00,000Development Start Near To Possession

Plot Size 20 Marla

SectorStreetPlot NoPriceDetailIDMore Detail
A11111,70,00,000Possession Area, 6 marla Extra Land
C1771,78,00,000Possession Area, Ready To Build House
CRoad 5b411,78,00,000Possession Area, BOULEVARD
C15131,77,00,000Development Start Near To Possession
C11261,95,00,000Corner paid Possession Area
C319161,60,00,000Possession Area, Ready To Build House
E13I /1131,32,00,000Possession Area, Ready To Build House Park face
LOn DemandOn Demand1,40,00,000Development Start Near To Possession
MOn DemandOn Demand1,20,00,000Development Start Near To Possession Near to park